Puppy Foundation Class

Our course aims to lay the foundations for a well-balanced, well-behaved dog and to help ensure that you have a happy and rewarding relationship with the newest member of the family.

Why should I train my puppy?

Because it’s so much better to have a dog that
• comes when called
• waits at doorways and at roadsides
• sits politely when guests arrive
• knows its name and listens to you
• tolerates vet examinations and grooming
• greets strangers calmly
• walks nicely on lead

Trained dogs

• are happier, healthier, and safer
• bond with you and are closer to you
• are welcome in dog-friendly public places
• are less likely to develop bad habits detrimental to their health, like   chasing cars or biting people
• are less likely to get into trouble for digging, biting, barking, or jumping up
• are more confident and can safely be allowed a greater amount of freedom
• are a pleasure to be around for people and other dogs alike
• have a good relationship with you which makes living together more enjoyable

What will we learn?

During the 6 week course you and your puppy will cover the following
• Responsibility & care
• Cleanliness & identification
• Attentive response to name
• Puppy play
• Socialisation
• Handling & inspection
• Puppy recall
• Basic puppy positions
• Walking in a controlled manner
• Stay for approximately 10 seconds
• Leave command
• Food manners (take a treat without snatching)

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Your puppy, wearing a plain buckle collar, with cloth or leather lead (no   chain collars or leads, head collars, harnesses or flexi leads please).
  • Treats – small, tasty titbits.  Cheese, liver cake, small pieces of cooked meat are all great rewards.  Make sure they are cut up small to avoid overloading your puppy.  Soft treats are best - hard biscuits and some commercial treats can take too long for the puppy to chew and swallow.  We can share recipes for tasty home-made treats for your puppy.  It is a good idea to avoid feeding your puppy before class.  The rewards will be all the more appreciated.
  • A favourite toy – our training is designed to be fun for your puppy and we encourage you and your dog to play.  Some puppies work harder for the reward of a game than for food. Soft toys that can be bitten and tugged are best. Please avoid squeaky toys and toys that roll as these can cause a distraction for other puppies.


  • Poo bags – all responsible dog-owners carry these with them at all times!  Don’t worry if your puppy has a little mistake – just make sure you clear up after.  We provide paper and disinfectant.
  • Clothing - obviously!  But please make sure you are wearing flat shoes and preferably trousers.  Skirts and loose fitting tops can flap in your puppy’s face and be off-putting.
  • Water bowl – puppies can get thirsty, especially if they are eating lots of treats.  We do not provide a communal bowl to reduce the risk of any cross-infection so please bring your own.