Competition Obedience Class


This class is designed for all members who are interested in competing from pre-beginners right through to the top level. The class is aimed at developing competitive-level skills in handlers and dogs. This includes precise heelwork position, accurate presents and finishes on recalls and retrieves, and building confidence in stays. We also teach send away, scent and distance control.


We have trainers who have competed at very high level obedience but we are just as enthusiastic about encouraging members who are starting along this road.  The classes are committed to improving the skills and standard of both dog and handler but are also informal, great fun and very social. 


We give advice and moral support to people new to competition obedience and are generally around at shows to guide, help and encourage you. 

Championship & Open Obedience Show


NDCS hosts a highly successful annual 2-day Championship & Open Obedience show under the auspices of the Kennel Club.  We are always keen for members to be part of this so if you wish to participate or just lend a helping hand, we welcome your involvement.


Anyone gaining a place and winning a rosette at any show is welcomed warmly back to the club the following week – not least because tradition dictates the winner brings cake or chocolate to celebrate their achievement.


If you are new to competion obedience, why not talk to one of our trainers about what is involved.